Hello my name is James, I like to work with Dan because he lets me take more credit than what I'm actually due. Which is good for my ego. I do drive him along the crazy highways of my mind while playing a mixtape of crazy  electronic metal, off-kilter obscure hipster music, J-pop, K-pop and aggressive techno that no one else likes, Dan always seems to know how to get our car to its destination; I'm not sure if the car is a song in that metaphor.

I bring impressive slant rhymes from my poetic brain, I'm a published poet don't you know! I won a competition in primary school to get my poetry in a compilation of the East Sussex County Schools literary works.  

I was born in the Netherlands where I lived for the first decade of my life. I haven't lived exclusively in the UK since moving, with various stints of 'finding myself' in Asia, surrounded by white people with dreadlocks.

I live in the shadow of my moustache.

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